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Quality Standard

Adrien Gagnon


Product quality is the overarching concern of all aspects of manufacturing at Adrien Gagnon. It is how we ensure product reliability for the consumer — and how we meet or exceed all Health Canada standards for purity and concentration.

Raw materials arriving at our warehouse are placed in quarantine until laboratory analyses have verified that they meet specific criteria. Once released, they can be used for the encapsulation of a product, always under tightly controlled procedures to avoid contamination with other materials.

The finished product is then placed under quarantine while extensive analyses are performed. No product leaves our warehouse before proving it meets its label’s claims regarding quantity and concentration, and is free of any contaminants, from bacteria to heavy metals.

These steps follow a strict course of action and comply with Health Canada guidelines. Together, they are your assurance of Adrien Gagnon quality.




In 2004, Health Canada established new regulations for the natural health products industry, allowing companies to include product benefits on product labels. These benefit statements, however, must first be evaluated by Health Canada through a product licence application.

The evaluation process includes an extensive review of product information such as formula, dosage, quality of all ingredients and control methods in place for manufacturing as well as the science behind the safety and efficacy of the ingredients. After a successful review, Health Canada approves a product by delivering an official product licence with an NPN (Natural Product Number) to be added to the label. This NPN tells consumers that the product has been evaluated by Health Canada and found safe and effective for use.

Whenever Health Canada seeks the industry’s point of view through consultations and surveys, Adrien Gagnon gets involved. In this way, we participate in the updating and refining of these new regulations. We have been among the first companies to send product licence applications to Health Canada, and we continuously evolve along with the regulations to ensure that we consistently meet all requirements and comply with the new regulations.




Quality Assurance at AG Natural Health Ltd watchdogs a number of exacting steps, each of which must be followed and documented rigorously. It also ensures that all testing, for any given product, is relevant, reliable and current.

Our Quality Assurance team works with independent laboratories to ensure that analyses are performed by experienced chemists using state-of-the-art equipment and that the results delivered are precise, reproducible and objective. To start, ideal test methods for each ingredient (based on the recognized pharmacopoeias available) are discussed with the lab.

Quality Assurance is also responsible for seeing that our manufacturing process meets or exceeds Health Canada’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and that we meet all the requirements of our Site Licence, granted by the Natural Health Product Directorate of Health Canada.




Once upon a time, the ancients used herbs to heal and treat all types of illness. Natural health formulas may stem from this traditional knowledge, but new data has built up through the ages. Today’s products often benefit from clinical research to support their use in any given health condition.

At Adrien Gagnon, our efforts in product development rely on science to find the safest, clinically researched ingredients. We choose those that have the best efficacy for the condition, as demonstrated by clinical studies. We scrutinize all available data to determine if the ingredient is safe for use among the general population. When clinical studies show the ingredient is both safe and effective, we use it to create a new product formulation.

Our product development team comprises experienced professionals from such fields as microbiology, molecular and cellular biology and pharmacology. Together, they research and develop every Adrien Gagnon product and have devoted years to continuously offering the most trusted products on the market.