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Vitamin C 1000 mg With ORAC

100 tablets
SKU: C1000100 - NPN 80016694

This vitamin C contributes to the maintenance of a good health as well as to the normal development and the maintenance of bones, cartilages, teeth, and gums.

  • Helps contribute to healing
  • Contains a powerful antioxidant which comes from natural fruit extract
  • Rich in antioxidants

Reasons for taking this product?

  • Vitamin C assist wound healing through connective tissue formation (collagen)
  • Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron and calcium
  • Vitamin C and fruit extracts bring a potential antioxidant that is able to neutralize free radicals from the oxygen that can damage cells and tissues
  • It can also help reduce the duration of symptoms of cold, and helps the healing process by facilitating the formation of connective tissues (collagen).

Who will benefit from this product?

  • To people who want to have more energy and to strengthen their immune system
  • For those who do not consume products rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits and peppers and who consume few fruits and vegetables
  • Sportsmen to repair wounds
  • Smokers (the smoking reduces the rate of vitamin C in the body.)
  • Those who take anti-inflammatory because this drug can decrease the blood rate of vitamin C
  • Women who take oral contraceptives because this drug can decrease the blood rate of vitamin C
  • To pregnant and breastfeeding women (greater needs for vitamin C)
  • To people with anaemia due to the lack of iron (increase absorption of iron).

Take with water at meal time. Children 9-13 years old and Teenagers 14-18 years old: 1 tablet daily. Adults 19 and older: 1 to 2 tablets daily. Chaque comprimé contient : Ingrédients

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