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Nutriforme bar – Decadent fudge

5 meal bars
SKU: 102222


A complete meal replacement that provides 15 grams of protein and 24 vitamins and minerals that are essential to the metabolism. These delicious and useful bars replace a full and balanced meal, with less calories, which helps control your weight daily.

  • Replaces one or two meals a day
  • Helps easily control daily calories intake without neglecting pleasure!
  • Useful for weight loss in case of low-calories diet
  • Don’t skip meals anymore! Keep a Nutriforme® bar on you!
  • A healthy alternative to food served in cafeterias
  • Delicious and filling, these fudge-flavored bars will please lovers of chocolate, without the guilt

Reasons for taking this product?

  • A meal replacement bar that replaces a complete meal and can be integrated into a healthy and balanced diet that is also less calorific than a regular meal
  • A Poids-Santé program including a lean menu that is easy to follow is provided in each box, in order to help the consumer personalize their weight loss schedule at their own rhythm
  • Two weight loss methods are offered: the progressive 1400 calories a day method, which includes replacing 1 meal, and the quick 1200 calories a day method, which includes replacing 2 meals a day
  • The Nutriforme® meal replacement bars provide essential elements that are vital for a good health, notably 15g of protein and 24 vitamins and minerals
  • The Nutriforme® meal replacement bars are a healthier, more balanced, and more economical alternative to a stop at the cafeteria!,These bars provide all the carbohydrates and sugars of a complete meal. People with diabetes can consume these instead of a meal. However, they are not recommended as snacks in cases of diabetes or hyperglycemia
  • Nutriforme® is a registered Santé Naturelle A.G. Ltée trademark.

Who will benefit from this product?

  • For people who want to maintain or lose weight
  • For people in a hurry which has a quick snack occasionally (Much healthier than fast food!)
  • For people who tend to skip meals
  • For active people and athletes who need extra energy before or after sports training.

Medicinal Ingredients

Per one bar (65 g)

260 (1 087 kJ)

9 g

  • Canadian Product

Customer reviews

  • Got one of these as a sample in my last order…so impressed…very tasty with no aftertaste…could stand to be a little less sweet but, overall, very good. Will definitely be ordering them for our next trip as I like meal replacement bars at the handy when travelling. Thx!

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