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Women’s health

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There are many stages in a women’s life and each of them brings its own set of challenges. At Adrien Gagnon, we have developed a whole line of products designed to help women progress through these life stages in beauty and health.

Welcome to womanhood: menstruation 
The introduction to womanhood is the start of menstruation. This famous cycle can be quite disturbing – especially for those women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome, known to most as PMS. This uncomfortable combination of symptoms can appear one or two weeks before menses and end only with the first days of bleeding. While not all women experience any problems during the premenstrual phase, some will see their normal daily routines disrupted by fatigue, water retention, irritability or breast tenderness.

Our Feminex PMS is based on chasteberry, a plant that is known to sooth these premenstrual symptoms.
Our Evening Primrose Oil may also give relief by providing fatty acids that seem to be missing in women with strong PMS symptoms.


The problem of iron depletion

Because menstruation involves bleeding, it can leave your blood iron deficient – especially if you bleed abundantly. If you experience fatigue or generalized weakness, are pale and have headaches, you may need an iron supplement. Iron deficiency must be followed by a healthcare professional, so contact your physician for a blood test to determine whether or not you need supplemental iron.
Our two iron formulas contain iron gluconate, an easily assimilated source that does not cause constipation:

Feminex Iron tablets are practical and easy to carry.

Feminex Iron Tonic comes in ampoules, for quicker absorption or for those who have trouble swallowing tablets.

Both products also contain B complex vitamins, which are essential for red blood cell formation, plus a few plants that serve to increase the absorption and use of iron. Two very efficient formulas!
*Note that iron and calcium supplements must not be taken together. Leave at least a 2-hour gap between the two, to make sure you absorb them adequately.


The teenage years and beyond: the business of bone density
During adolescence, a critical bone mass increase occurs. By being active, young women can help their bodies build a healthy bone density. It is also recommended, however, that you get a sufficient amount of calcium in your diet. If you’re not getting enough, try a calcium supplement. Maximize bone strength today and you will lower the risk of osteoporosis in later life.

Adult women also need to make sure they get sufficient calcium every day in order to maintain the bone mass formed in younger years and avoid prematurely fragile bones.

Once past menopause, you’ll have to take even greater care of your bones. First, by staying physically active. Second, of course, by ensuring adequate calcium intake. Menopausal women’s calcium needs are higher than ever because bone loss accelerates with the lowering of estrogens levels.

After reaching 50, about 1 woman in 4 already has osteoporosis. Don’t be one of them! Use our Feminex Calcium to lower osteoporosis risks and maintain healthy bones. Actually, this supplement should be taken at all ages.


The adult woman and heavy legs
Chronic venous insufficiency is more common in women than in men. This health issue affects mostly the legs, because the veins lack the proper tone to return blood to the heart. As a result, varicose veins appear, tingling and a sensation of heaviness and obstruction can occur due to fluid accumulation in the legs. Exercise is one of the best remedies, but sometimes it’s just not enough. Horse chestnut is renowned for its ability to increase vein tone in cases of chronic venous insufficiency and can help relieve these symptoms. That’s exactly the ingredient and the benefit that you’ll find in our Feminex Veino.


The mature woman and menopause
First comes premenopause — the period between the first menopausal symptoms and the menopause itself. This period can last from 2 to 7 years and usually starts around the mid-forties or early fifties. Symptoms may vary from one woman to another. For some, periods may become irregular and shorter, with less bleeding. Others may experience more abundant bleeding. Of course, the most common complaints are about new sensations like hot flashes, night sweats and irritability, and intensified PMS.

Our Feminex Pre-Meno is specially formulated for women with mild to moderate symptoms. If you’re one of them, you may find it’s efficient enough to control your symptoms throughout menopause. If not, you may need to switch to Feminex Meno, which, in addition to isoflavones, contains a plant that specifically targets frequent hot flashes. Some women will benefit from combining the Pre-Meno or Meno formula with Evening Primrose Oil for relief from their menopausal symptoms.
Ultimately, the symptoms of menopause will pass. And when they do, Feminex Post-Meno provides the isoflavone dosage that can help prevent the osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease that are too common in menopausal women.

Check this chart for the ingredients in our various menopause products:





Kudzu isoflavones

35 mg (10.35 mg IAE*)

16 mg

25 mg (7.4 mg IAE)

Kudzu (roots)

40 mg

40 mg

Red clover isoflavones

75 mg (6 mg IAE)

4 mg

125 mg (10 mg IAE)

Soy isoflavones

25 mg (6,25 mg IAE)

Black Cohosh

40 mg


20 mg

* IAE = Isoflavones Aglycones Equivalent. This is the measure unit now used by Health Canada for isoflavones.


Many studies show it: a healthy lifestyle has a major impact on menopausal symptoms. Here are some life habits to encourage and some others to avoid:

Life habits Impact on health
Eat 3 smaller meals, with 2 snacks including proteins per day. May help with hot flashes.
Drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. May help with hot flashes and dryness of skin and mucous membranes.
Avoid hot beverages, alcohol, spices, etc. They may trigger hot flashes.
Limit your sugar intake. It increases hot flashes, is harmful for cardiovascular health and promotes weight gain.
Maintain an active sexual life. It helps counter incontinence and vaginal dryness.
Consult a physiotherapist for perineal reeducation. To can help counter incontinence and organ prolapsis.
Do not smoke. It increases the risk of many diseases (cardiovascular, cancers, osteoporosis, etc.).
Eat phytoestrogen rich foods (soy, flax seeds, chick peas, onions, etc.). Similar to supplements, they help compensate for the missing estrogens.
Stay physically active. For your wellness and mood, on top of exercise’s many benefits related to preventing disease and maintaining a healthy body weight.


In conclusion
A healthy lifestyle is very important throughout a woman’s life. But natural heath products specially formulated for women can become a complementary asset in helping you successfully meet the challenges of all of life’s stages. Our Feminex line is there for you, every step of your way!

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