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Vitamins & minerals: what are they used for?

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Vitamin A, B, C, D… Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc… Do you confuse these nutrients and their benefits? Are you sure you get the right ones for you?

Vitamins and minerals are nutrients found in our food. They contain no calories, but they contribute to the regulation of the body’s various systems, making them essential to proper body function. Unfortunately, diet alone can’t always provide enough of each—especially when their therapeutic action is desired. That’s why supplements can be precious allies. See the table below for a brief summary of their functions and their uses.



Many minerals are essential to our health. Similar to vitamins, all are important for different body functions. Here are the major ones.

Why should I take my vitamin and mineral supplements with a meal?

In general, supplements are better absorbed and better used by the body when taken with foods that contain many other nutrients. Those nutrients act with the supplements for more efficacy.

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