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Vitamin D and multiple sclerosis (MS): Adrien Gagnon joins the fight!

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By Audrey Couture

M.Sc. Pharmacology


Adrien Gagnon is proud to be associated with the MS Society of Canada and to contribute to its mission!
Many studies have shown that MS is more prevalent in regions like Québec, where our exposure to the sun is limited throughout the winter. In light of this, researchers are focusing on Vitamin D levels, which tend to be lower among individuals who suffer from MS than among the general population.

Researchers hypothesize that Vitamin D may have a preventive effect and reduce the risk of developing the disease, and even help to decrease the number and severity of attacks among those who suffer from the relapsing-remitting form of MS. A Finnish study on this subject revealed that a Vitamin D supplement may significantly reduce the number of MS-related brain lesions.
*Given the low health risks associated with Vitamin D compared to the potential advantages, Adrien Gagnon encourages individuals who suffer from MS to take a Vitamin D supplement every day*.
Maintaining close communication with a health professional is essential in terms of making enlightened decisions with respect to health and the proper course for treating MS. The MS Society of Canada is working closely with MS society. The Vitamin D Society, which seeks to increase awareness of Vitamin D, to reach a consensus with respect to the optimal doses of Vitamin D to recommend with a view to improving the health of users.

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