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Tips to stay fit indoors in the cold winter months

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It’s cold outside and the thought of hitting the icy pavement isn’t appealing. Heading to the gym in frigid temperatures and in the dark isn’t doing it for you either. Most people go into hibernation mode in the wintertime, and with that, exercise routines and keeping fit does too.

How about, while staying tucked up in your warm and cozy home, you make the most of your daily activities, or put on a video a few times a week. These and the list below could just get you from couch potato, to fit and firm, before the first crocus pops up in the backyard.


  • Need to go to the bathroom on the top floor or basement? Run there. Don’t walk or skip, run. And if you aren’t desperate, do three to five up and downs before you head to the bathroom (or once you’ve relieved yourself).
  • As you stand and cook or empty the dishwasher, engage your abdominal core muscles and pelvic floor. Keep it engaged as you walk back and forth to the cupboard.
  • Bring in the groceries and do bicep curls before setting them down. Five to 10 reps on each arm with your heaviest bag.
  • Use your kids to lift and create resistance. Lifting while engaging your core or holding them in the cuddle position while you hinge at the hips, bend over and straighten up with your legs shoulder width apart but slightly bent knees. You’d have weights in your hand if not a child. Every time you bend over, use your glutes and abs to pull your body back up again.

Put on an exercise DVD

Yoga, pilates, Tai Chi, aerobics, boot camp and more all have videos that you can follow in the comfort of your own home. Invest in a yoga mat to claim your space in the living room and book your exercise time into your calendar as a meeting. Be mindful of your form without an instructor. Choose a video that you have some experience with so you don’t injure yourself.

Hire a personal trainer

Many personal trainers come to you. They bring the weights, boxing gloves, resistance bands, bosu ball or whatever they intend on putting you through their paces with. You’ll learn new ways to use your space to exercise and be amazed at the results you can get from a workout at home.


Find a spot where the skipping rope won’t take out the chandelier and skip for at least 20 minutes a day. Forward skipping, backward and even criss-cross like when you were a kid in the playground. Keep your speed for maximum cardio workout and follow up with some squats and push-ups, and hold the plank position for two minutes. Done.


As the saying goes “Dance like no one is watching”. If you don’t want to share your dance moves with the neighbours, draw the curtains and tune up the tunes. Dance about your house and move with the odd squat and lunge while engaging your core and pelvic floor. You’ll work off stress, lift your mood and feel great after!

Although sweaters and heavy winter clothes can cover up a few pounds here and there, it’s more about how you feel under those clothes. Keep fit during the winter months, so as the layers come off, you feel great inside and out.

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