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Learn how to fight cravings and tiredness!

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By Diane Boissonneault



In summer, it’s easier to stay active because of the extended sunlight. The weather is nice and it just feels great to be outside. However, it can be tiresome. If you need a boost of energy to keep going all day, our newest Nutriforme protein+ bars can definitely help you! They are richer in protein and fiber than our regular bars so they’ll fill you up in no time. Don’t ever let hunger or lack of energy slow you down again!

Our protein Bars (Nutriforme protein+) are made from soy protein. This kind of protein is lower in fat than animal sourced protein and provides the full range of amino acids you need to make your muscles and bones stronger!

Did you know that the fibers are not only good for regularity but also for slowing the gastric process? You’ll feel full longer! The Nutriforme protein+ bars contain a good source of fiber, at least 4 grams per serving.

Let our 6 delicious flavors charm you!

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