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The role of DHA in our brain

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By Diane Boissonneault



The end of summer is already here and soon it’ll be back to school! 

Now that summer has given you a chance to recharge your batteries, relaxing poolside breaks are over! Routine comes back with  the pressure and the need for efficiency. At work and at home for you and… for the children!

In order to make your children’s back to school and your back to work a success, remember those must-have omega-3s, to put everyone’s mind into “school” mode and strengthen your grey matter!

Why are omega-3s good for back to school? Simply because they play a fundamental role in normal brain development and function. Omega-3s are essential fatty acids, rich in DHA that our body cannot produce on its own.


What’s DHA? 
DHA is a building block for the brain and its concentration in brain cells influences the quality of brain activity.  It is in fact essential to the development of children’s brains, particularly when it comes to improving concentration and memorization skills.

You’ve got it now: DHA is your brain’s ally!  …at every stage of life!

This is the reason why Adrien Gagnon has launched a new line of omega-3s, including GO Omega Cognitive Performance, which will give your brain and its neurons the essential fatty acids they need on a daily basis to achieve peak performances.

In addition, omega-3s might play a role in the reduction of restlessness, inattention and impulsivity, symptoms that are associated with attention-deficity hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children. They could also help increase their ability to learn as well as improve their concentration levels.

Our Adrien Gagnon Oméga Junior product has been specifically designed for school age children and provides them with just the right amount of easy to swallow omega-3s.

Give your brain and your children’s every possible advantage: make Adrien Gagnon omega-3s a part of your daily regimen !

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