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Our choice of fish and krill oils

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By Audrey Couture

M.Sc. Pharmacology


These new Adrien Gagnon omega-3 products come from sustainable fisheries, responding to selection criteria among the strictest in the world. Our varied range of upcoming formulas will meet everyone’s needs.

Flawless purity of the entire line

Adrien Gagnon uses krill oil processed locally by Quebec-based company Neptune Technologies.

The krill and fish used in our GO OMEGA line are harvested in compliance with the requirements of the Friends of the Sea organization, for the maintenance of the seabed and the sustainability of this natural resource. They are then processed in a way that keeps their components intact when you consume them.

From fishing to bottling, all the stages are strictly monitored to systematically ensure a product that is of the highest quality and is ecoresponsible. The purity of PurRedTM krill and GO OMEGA fish oil products is verified by the analysis of more than 90 potential contaminants such as PCBs, heavy metals like mercury, pesticides, the degree of oxidation of omega-3s, unwanted bacteria like E. coli, etc.

By choosing our omega-3, you are assuring yourself of pure and ecoresponsible products for your health and that of the planet!

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