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Healthy Snacks

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From when you rise until bed once again, there can be 10 to 18 hours of awake time. Your body needs constant energy from food, preferably the healthy kind. While it’s most typical to eat three meals a day, snacks are very important for many reasons.

The usual time between breakfast and lunch is about five hours, while lunch to dinner can be as long as five to eight. With the afternoon being long and a time while production needs to be at a similar pace to the morning, if not more as the day winds down, one or two snacks could make all the difference. Afterwork activities like exercise, sports or clubs will call on energy stores, especially if dinner doesn’t come until after.

Eating snacks in between both breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner helps to stabilize energy and blood sugar levels. Think of the highs and lows like that of a roller coaster. Does your energy feel similar throughout the day? Eating breakfast after a long fast overnight starts the metabolism burning food as fuel, a bit like logs in a fireplace. As it’s burned, that fire needs stoking with more nourishment about two to three hours later.

Some healthy snacks that can come at any time of the day can include:

  • Rice cake and almond or pumpkin seed butter
  • Cottage cheese and pineapple or blueberries
  • Three pieces of cheese and an apple
  • Granola bar and berries
  • Greek yogurt with a handful of granola and fruit spread
  • Muffin and cheese
  • Handful of almonds and some grapes
  • Trail mix with raisins and goji berries

If you have a particular sweet tooth, start weaning yourself off by eating more protein at breakfast and look for low or no sugar treats. Bars like the high fibre nutriforme snack bars; peanut butter, chocolate caramel pretzel or pecan and caramel. They hit the spot while you move away from needing chocolate to get you through the afternoon.

If a long time has passed since your last meal, symptoms of low blood sugar like shakiness, headaches, moodiness and lack of concentration plague your day, get snacking.

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