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Healthy Snacks for the Super Bowl

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Healthy Snacks

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It’s the big game and as everyone knows, the Super Bowl can’t go amiss without a huge offering of food. Typically it’s fairly unhealthy fare, but this year, make some slight changes and your Super Bowl Party won’t leave everyone with that overfull belly ache that goes hand in hand.

A days worth of calories during the game adds up with chips, wings, burgers for starters during the pre-game. Whether the high fat (that offers a double calorie count) comes from nachos dripping in cheese or fully  loaded pizza, arteries are hunkering down for the onslaught. As it’s unlikely there are any antioxidant rich superfoods rich on offer to help buffer all that fat, alternatives are the only way to go.

Healthier Options

Rather than the typical high salt, fat and sauce rich chicken wings, opt for more protein less fat chicken legs, roasted with a homemade herb rub.

Switch up the greasy beef burger for a lower fat cousin made with ground chicken or turkey. If you lay out more toppings like spinach, romaine, peppers and cucumber, people are more likely grab them than the usual iceberg and tomato.

A great trade from white potato, antioxidant rich sweet potato. The colour says it all. Either bake it whole and top with a mixture of roasted almonds and cinnamon or pile high with a traditional Super Bowl chili. Baked sweet potato fries are a firm favourite to french fries.

For those chips, choose wholegrain and seed tortilla chips without salt. Serve with guacamole and white bean dip instead of creamy, ranch style dips or nachos with melted cheese.

A huge plate of chopped veggies; carrot sticks, celery, zucchini, broccoli, green beans, sugar snap peas, cauliflower and even raw sweet potato with your favourite hummus will amp up the fibre intake leading to a full feeling faster for the cheering squad.

For that sweet ending, rather than a high fat, sugar laden Super Bowl sundae, blend up four frozen bananas, a handful of pineapple or mango and a splash of milk in your food process or or blender. Your guests will be amazed at how an instant pure fruit ice cream-like desert can taste not very banana like, and is a very close a double scoop of their favourite parlour style cone.

When an afternoon has the potential to be a calorie, salt, sugar and fat feast, with some slight tweaks to the usual, it can be a healthier affair with your guests leaving feeling better than when they arrived.

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