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Healthy activities for all the family

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Healthy Snacks

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Spring is the perfect time to change up routines and focus on finding more healthy activities for the whole family. The chill of winter is starting to lift, and kids (and parents) who have been spending more time indoors than out, are likely very ready to try something new. Art, drama, sports or crafts – whatever your family is into, you can be sure there are programs available.

To avoid the couch potato syndrome, having a plan to incorporate healthy activities into your schedule is key. Sit the kids down in a family meeting and discuss what everyone would like to do to be more active.


If suggestions involve video games, TV and movies, set a limit on screen time, and depending on their age, talk about whether they are responsible for time tracking or not. The rest of the time, outings and activities can be arranged around your schedule.

Make the most of outdoors
Incorporating different sports activities into your families routine are a great way to have fun and stay healthy. Healthy activities in spring such as skating, skiing and tobogganing are still possible in places where there is snow or ice. No one will notice how much work it is to run up and down that hill with the sled, or do another lap of the outdoor rink when they are having fun. Remember that if kids get completely tuckered out, hunger or the need for something sweet could end up looking like a complete meltdown.

Indoor ideas
From swimming to bowling, rock climbing to trampolining, some time inside can be just as fun, especially if the weather isn’t cooperating. For the younger ones, indoor play centers are fantastic fun to let off some steam and energy (and induce a good night’s sleep).

Check your local pool for opening times of free swims and book a couple of different healthy activities into your Spring calendar. Gather a group of friends and head to a rock climbing facility or indoor trampoline park. Play centers are great for families with smaller kids. So the big kids don’t feel left out, make sure they have a book or sketchpad and markers. Or if they aren’t too big, let them loose with the little ones. Who doesn’t love going down a slide?

Snacks On-the-Go
No matter whether you are in or out, taking snacks with you is essential. Water bottles, thermos cups with tea (help the “I want hot chocolate” after skating and skiing) or diluted juice are important for any outing.

Mini muffins, homemade granola bars, apple slices, trail mix, box of raisins, pieces of cheese and grapes all make fantastic snacks for when you are out and about. Plus, remember that it is difficult to get all the nutrients we need from food sources alone. Most of us can benefit from taking a good multi vitamin in the morning with breakfast to start each day off right.

Healthy activities should have a little of something for everyone. Up and down time, quiet and crazy time. Make it about good healthy fun for the whole family. So that means letting your hair down too, mom and dad!

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