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Diarrhea describes frequent, loose even liquid stools. Diarrhea is often the symptom of another health condition, such as food poisoning, food intolerance, gastroenteritis, an inflammatory bowel disease, etc. An antibiotic treatment can also cause diarrhea because the antibiotic destroys the good bacteria of the intestinal flora along with the pathogenic bacteria it was targeted at. A visit to the doctor is recommended if a severe diarrhea persists for more than 48 hours or if there is blood in the stools.




When suffering from acute diarrhea, we should avoid irritating foods or foods that could cause abdominal cramps as these foods can aggravate the symptoms. Once the intestinal transit time is back to normal, these foods should be integrated back into the diet progressively. In fact, we aim at giving the digestive system a break.

Foods to be best avoided are:

  • dairy products
  • raw fruits or vegetables (except bananas)
  • meats
  • whole grain cereal products
  • strong spices
  • fatty or fried foods
  • desserts and candies

egetable broths, rice and cooked vegetables should be privileged. Once the symptoms have considerably reduced, the cereals should be first reintroduced, such as white bread and rice. Only once the symptoms are completely gone should whole grains be consumed, because taken too soon, they could irritate the already fragile intestines. If we digest these foods easily, raw fruits and vegetables can be reintroduced, followed by dairy products and finally meats.



The water from rice cooking is very beneficial to help stabilize diarrhea. To obtain it, cook rice in much more water than necessary for at least 30 minutes. Then separate the rice from the water and cool it down. Drink small amounts of this water many times daily. To avoid dehydration, a simple but effective recipe is to mix equal amounts of pulp-free orange juice to pure water and add half a teaspoon of salt. Drink slowly throughout the day to supply your body with the necessary electrolytes and help rehydration.



Wash you hands frequently, especially after going to the bathroom, before eating or before cooking. If the diarrhea is associated with antibiotics, allow two hours between taking the antibiotic and taking the probiotics.

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