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An expiry date is written beside the lot number on the label of every Adrien Gagnon product. Look for the letters EXP, which appear in front of it. According to our stability tests, our products preserve their full efficacy and quality until this date. If the expiry date has passed, the product does not suddenly become bad for your health. We are simply not able to guarantee the same efficacy as before the expiry date. Nonetheless, our stability tests show that in general the majority of our products maintain their freshness for about one year after the expiry date. Our Nutriforme meal replacement bars are safe to eat for about six months after the expiry date (although they may become harder to chew and the chocolate may start to turn white). If you have questions about the expiration of any Adrien Gagnon product, please do not hesitate to contact our expert team at 1-800-781-7723 or by email click here.

Adrien Gagnon refreshed its look. Find your same great products with our new appearance! To learn more about our new look, see the image below:

We have two slightly different cranberry products in the Women’s Health category. Our regular product offers 270 mg of cranberry in a 10 to 1 concentration. In other words, each capsule provides the equivalent of 2,700 mg of fresh cranberries. Our extra strength cranberry product offers 250 mg of cranberry in a stronger, 34 to 1 concentration, equivalent to 8,500 mg of fresh cranberries per capsule. Both come in a bottle size of 100 capsules.

The regular 270mg product is recommended for the day-to-day prevention of urinary tract infections or as a general antioxidant. If, however, you suffer from recurrent urinary tract infections, take extra strength cranberry at the first sign of symptoms as a preventative. Or, if you have had a urinary tract infection, take the extra strength formula shortly after treatment to prevent a recurrence.

In 2004, Health Canada established some of the most stringent regulations in the world for natural health products. Once Health Canada has evaluated the quality, safety and efficacy of a product, a Natural Product Number (NPN) is issued to a product that successfully meets its requirements. To date, A.G. Adrien Gagnon has obtained almost all of its NPNs. In fact, our products met these strict criteria long before Health Canada adopted them.

The Adrien Gagnon brand name has always been synonymous with quality and efficacy, and we continue to meet or exceed the highest industry standards.

In Quebec, our products are sold mainly in pharmacies and big box stores. We also enjoy a great international distribution. To learn in which countries our products are available and for the distributor to contact, click here.

By popular demand, we have added a uniform coating on our glucosamine tablets. Since the colour of glucosamine may vary depending on the available fishery, the season or the species of shrimp, we have decided to standardize the tablets’ appearance by adding a slight caramel coating. This will ensure that in future our glucosamine products will always be uniform in colour from one production batch to the next, so you won’t have to worry about these variations again.

The vast majority of our products do not contain gluten. When necessary, we prefer to use maltodextrin, a flour that comes from corn, which is gluten-free and totally safe for people with gluten intolerance. The Adrien Gagnon products that contain or may contain gluten are:

  • Nutriforme meal replacement bars, with the exception of the Peanut and Chocolate Brownie flavours;
  • Wheat Germ Oil;
  • Brewer’s Yeast; and
  • Magnesium 300 mg in capsule form, because it contains Brewer’s Yeast.

If you have questions about other allergens, do not hesitate to ask. Contact us by phone at 1-800-781-7723 or by email click here.

We can’t confirm the absolute absence of lactose in our probiotic products. However, if it’s there, it’s present only at trace levels. Furthermore, since probiotics help digest lactose, those with lactose intolerance who take probiotics should actually see a beneficial effect. That is, a better tolerance to lactose. Because of this effect, probiotics can help control symptoms in cases of accidental ingestion of lactose.

Please note: all of our probiotic products have been in contact with dairy and soya products, so people allergic to these ingredients should be careful.

All of our hard capsule products (e.g., Feminex line, herbals, glucosamine, etc.) and softgel products (e.g., Omega-3, Wheat Germ Oil, Ultra Lecithin, etc.) are made of bovine gelatin. Our probiotics are made of vegetable gelatin.

All of our products—capsules or softgels—can be opened and their contents mixed with cold beverages or food. The capsule or softgel is used only to contain the active ingredients, so you don’t lose anything when you open it. However, heat may affect the stability of the ingredients, so don’t mix the contents with hot beverages or food. Time may also affect stability, so when you make a mixture, consume it immediately. Don’t let it stand around.

It is strongly recommended to take a probiotic when undergoing antibiotic treatment. No matter if it’s for three days or ten, probiotics have a positive effect on the intestinal flora, replacing the good bacteria antibiotics kill. That being said, the probiotics should be taken a few hours after the antibiotics, so they have a chance to colonize the intestinal flora rather than being destroyed along with it by the antibiotics. For example, if you take an antibiotic every six hours, take your probiotic three hours after (or three hours before) each dose of the antibiotic.

All of our glucosamine products are sodium-free, as indicated on our labels. However, people with hypertension should be aware that our glucosamine products contain about 85 mg of potassium per 500 mg capsule.

There is no risk in taking glucosamine if you are diabetic. Glucosamine has no impact on blood glucose level because the body can’t separate its two components (“glucose” and “amine”). In other words, the glucose in glucosamine is never made available to the body as a glucose source. The important thing to known is that certain glucose meters (glucometers) react to glucosamine, showing an elevated result when the true blood glucose level is actually lower. Health Canada recognises glucosamine s safe for diabetics.

Absolutely. Because glucosamine comes from the outer shell of shellfish, many people with seafood allergies have long believed they can’t take it. But our glucosamine products do no contain the protein that is the principal allergen, so there’s no need to worry. Note: Health Canada has no warnings on glucosamine for people allergic to seafood.

Absolutely. It’s a good idea to tell your doctor, pharmacist and naturopath about every medication you take—with or without a prescription. In fact, it’s essential to avoiding problems like interactions and contraindications that can arise when taking certain medication and natural products.


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